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Good Morning to Everyone from the North Carolina Chimney Sweep Association

I so enjoyed this note and wanted to update you on the NCCSA. Our winter meeting has been cancelled this 2021 due to Covid 19. We did not want to have a gathering of up to 50 people in the space offered. We also will not have dues for 2021. If you are not a member and would like to be, we will add you to our membership at no charge for 2021 also. Just send me an email and I will take care of that for you.

We will try to have an event in the summer in Sylva or Clyd NC (mountains) to help someone in need repair the chimney to full use. There will be no fee and will limit the participation to 4 people each day. I will send out more as we get closer.

The last news is our board will remain for 1 more year without change. We are all praying for a relief from the pandemic and a vaccine. From all of us at NCCSA we wish you a Merry Christmas.

Peace be with you,

The NCCSA Board

Beth Kendall

Good afternoon, Everyone. I hope all of you and your families are doing well and staying safe.

On behalf of our South Carolina Chimney Sweep Guild President, Cory Schafer, I would like to inform all of you that the 2020 Gathering has been cancelled. It's sad to think about how COVID-19 has impacted everyone's lives this year and that so many usual classes and events like this one could not be safely held.

We look forward hopefully to having the Gathering again in 2021. I know Steven and I, and many of you also, are praying for the vaccine and medicines for this crazy virus to come as soon as possible, so life and business can resume a lot more normally.

Take care, Everybody, and feel free to share this news with anyone not on this list who may be interested.


Cindy Lantry
Co-Owner and Office Manager
Mid Carolina Chimney Service LLC

Hello all from the North Carolina Chimney Sweep Association. I hope that all are doing well. We are to have our meeting in January 2021 at Waynesville Inn. Due to Covid-19, this is being postponed. We were to have a class for OSHA certification for lifts, scaffolds, and ladders. We cannot do this with the recommended safe 6 feet distancing. We do not know what our new normal is going to be. How can we help. One of the best ways I would recommend is donating blood. Especially if you have had the Covid virus. The antibodies in your blood are one of the treatments for the virus. Plasma is drawn from the blood and the antibodies help those in the hospital to recover from the virus. So consider being a donor. Even if you have not had the virus, blood and plasma are in a great shortage. I hope to see all of you when we are able to get together again. Take care and know that you are prayed for and missed.

Beth Kendall, President
North Carolina Chimney Sweep Association

Did You Know?

The North Carolina Chimney Sweep Association was founded in 1979 and continues to provide training, certification and a venue for chimney professionals to gather for networking and learn from each other.


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