What We Do?

A chimney sweep is someone who performs four basic functions when called upon to service a chimney.

  • First the chimney professional will perform a visual inspection to determine initial considerations.
  • If enough flammable creosote has accumulated to warrant cleaning, the system is then thoroughly swept, followed by further inspection and evaluation.
  • The sweep then takes steps to make sure the consumer is up to date in the proper use of their heating system. (Occasionally, a sweep must correct existing safety hazards before a chimney system can be cleaned.)
  • If damage is discovered, appropriate repairs are scheduled to bring the chimney system back to a safe, useable condition.

Other services commonly provided by today’s modern chimney sweep include:

  • UL listed chimney liners installation
  • Fireplace and chimney repairs
  • Oil furnace and flue maintenance
  • Gas Venting systems and relining
  • Masonry repairs and restoration
  • Chimney Flashing and waterproofing
  • Dryer Vent cleaning and repairs
  • Duct cleaning for you house

NCCSA and You

Many NCCSA participants are members in various national associations which provide a rich crossover technical support from all corners of the nation. The wealth of collective experience, knowledge, and hard knocks training among NCCSA membership is here, providing members with the latest safety techniques. When the services of a chimney sweep are required, you can do no better than to engage the services of one of our certified members. Here you will find the foremost authority on chimney safety and proper venting systems.

Did You Know?

The North Carolina Chimney Sweep Association was founded in 1979 and continues to provide training, certification and a venue for chimney professionals to gather for networking and learn from each other.


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